Hello and a warm welcome to Bring Buddy! I hope many treasured memories lay ahead.  profile-pic.jpgIndeed, my pursuit of shared experiences  with my dog, Kimba, is how Bring Buddy evolved into being. I have spent my working career in the corporate world (and that is still what pays the bills!) and, although the learning curve of starting a new business is daunting, I am so excited to be on this journey and I am thankful to be sharing it with you.

Now, a little bit about Kimba...you will be sure to see and hear a lot about her. Kimba is a Japanese Spitz and is the heart of our family. Welcoming Kimba into my world was like finding the piece of myself I didn’t know was missing. I am a natural introvert (that hasn’t changed) but she has motivated me to pursue life and adventure like never before. For the past 2.5 years I have spent most weekends researching places to explore together. There are so many activities we can share with our dogs, sometimes it just takes A LOT of effort to know where and when dogs are allowed to accompany you. My husband and I also had the opportunity to travel around Europe last year. We were thrilled to meet many dogs on our travels; inside restaurants, in hotels, in trains, in planes. Indeed it seemed quite the norm for dogs to be included in day-to-day activities. When we returned home, it was back to researching for new adventures to share with Kimba. And then it happened.... I had one of those light bulb moments I have always heard about but hadn’t yet experienced. A place to facilitate dog friendly adventures and a more dog friendly Australia. Bring Buddy was born!

Bring Buddy is still very much in the start up phase. I have taken a leap of faith and will do my very best to learn what I need to make this business a success. But I can’t do it alone. I will need my tribe to help me. That’s you! Yes, if you have taken the time to visit my little website and Facebook page and read this bio, then I now count you as part of my tribe. Please feel welcome to email me with any feedback and ideas. And spread the word! Please like, share, comment, tweet and of course, please consider a Bring Buddy gift experience next time you are gift shopping for the dog lovers in your world. And most, most, importantly - if you are blessed with a dog (or indeed any pet) take some time each day to enjoy your time together.

Now let’s get ready to adventure together......